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  • Jennifer Campbell & Ann-Marie Bakewell: Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches
  • Shona Cole: The Artistic Mother, A Practical Guide for Fitting Creativity into Your Life
  • Nathalie Mornu: A is for Apron
  • Jo Packham: Organizing Your Craft Space

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Donna CR

Hi there Debra,

You are welcome to sign up..but we haven't had a lot of activity due to me not blogging as much. I broke my wrist on the first day of vacation with kids in SEATTLE and can just barely type. If you post on Gettin thin together, i'll be sure to read it though..and so will several others.. Jaime and I and Deb comment the most. Let me send you an invitation. Sorry for the typos...I can just move my right hand. Lol! By the way, feel free to drop by Comin' Home. I post there at least weekly though as my hand gets better I'll be posting more often. I see you like Shona's book. We are very good friends and go to church together. I started blogging because of her and Trudy..who also goes to church with us. So nice to meet you!

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